Functional Diversity

Buceo Alcalá's most ambitious project consists of its commitment to people with functional diversity to whom it offers the opportunity to enjoy this underwater experience.

In the events it organizes, the use of the term "functional diversity" is promoted to support the removal of social barriers and prejudices towards the members of this group that fight for their rights. Its qualified staff offers a safe and comforting Adapted Diving experience for all types of "functional diversity".

The last day of this type, has been carried out successfully in the facilities of the Sports City of "El Juncal" of Alcalá de Henares in collaboration with the Aphisa association "Association for Intellectual Functional Diversity of Alcalá de Henares". Said event has had qualified professionals of Adapted Diving and numerous volunteers from Alcalá de Henares who are already part of this great school and friends of "Buceo Alcalá."

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