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17 de febrero 2024

Fin de semana de 4****

Instructor Maestro

Jesus David Díaz – Master Instructor PADI

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Our objective

Nuestro objetivo es promover el submarinismo como actividad de ocio, desmitificándolo como deporte que solo unos pocos pueden practicar.

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Una comunidad de más de 6.000 buceadores



  • Diving safety
  • Qualified staff – PADI Professionals.
  • Updated and revised equipment.
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  • Adapted diving days in collaboration with APHISA or ASPIMIP Associations.
  • Collaboration days with the Soñar Despierto Foundation, a shelter for children from broken families.
  • Cursos IAHD International Association for Handicapped Divers, (Asociación Internacional para buceadores con Diversidad Funcional).
  • En Buceo Alcalá, se promueve y anima a personas con diversidad funcional la práctica del submarinismo.


  • Environmental education courses.
  • Project AWARE participation.
  • Seabed cleaning.
  • Sustainable and responsible diving.
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About us

We carry out courses of all PADI levels

We have two large training rooms

We are distinguished by our face-to-face classes and practices in heated pools, to be able to finish our courses at sea

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Centro Padi 5 estrellas

Centro PADI 5***** IDC

Buceo Alcalá has carried out a complete training program from the first underwater experience, which in divers' slang is known as “baptism,” to initiation courses in professional diving, known as “Dive Master” or technical diving. More than 1,800 PADI qualifications have been awarded. In addition, there has been a wide range of technical diving courses, specialties and workshops, such as: “Night Diver” courses, NITROX enriched air courses, buoyancy control courses, deep diving courses, finning workshops, specialist courses in equipment maintenance or first aid courses, etc.

Beyond the sports activity, "Buceo Alcalá" has carried out social commitment activities. It has tried to transmit to the new generations respect for the environment through activities for initiation into diving or identification of marine species for children from 8 years of age. He has participated in numerous days of cleaning and conservation of the seabed and has been part of the project devised by PADI for this purpose known as "Project AWARE" is a registered non-profit organization that makes it possible for thousands of divers to work together with a common goal: a clean, healthy and abundant marine world.

His most ambitious project has consisted of Buceo Alcalá's commitment to people with disabilities, to whom he offered the opportunity to enjoy this underwater experience. In the events promoted during these years, the use of the term "functional diversity" has been reinforced to support the suppression of social barriers and prejudices towards the members of this group that fights for their rights. Its highly qualified and committed staff has offered their efforts in the initiation days to Adapted Diving for all types of "functional diversity".

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